October 1, 2009


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Demonstrations in Paris, London, New York and Ottawa... on June 26th day of action

Coordinating Committee's statement 1 on presidential election and recent unrest

Vahed Syndicate - Any Suppression or threat of civil liberty condemned

France - CFDT, CGT, FO, CFTC and UNSA in support of workers in Iran-June 26th

Amnesty International Urgent Action on May Day detainees

Persecution and harassment of labour activists in recent weeks (updated June 10, 2009)

Fourty May Day participants still in custody

Ali Nejati fired! Workers facing jail for "forming an illegal union"!

Statement No. 2 by May Day Organizng Committee-Tehran

Statement No. 1 by May Day Organizng Committee-Tehran

Mass arrests of members of the Coordinating Committee to Help Form Workers' Organizations

Launch of "Committee in Defence of Haft Tapeh Workers"

Strike at Haft Tapeh Sugar Cane Company ! Workers demand freedom for Ali Nejati and payment of unpaid wages-April 7, 09

Latest News on Ali Nejati

No news of Nejati's whereabouts!

CUPW's protest letter: Free all incarcerated labour activists!

Leaders of Haft Tapeh Workers’ Syndicate arrested! Labour activists fear more arrests

Haft Tapeh Workers' on trial, latest news as of Feb 22, 09

Agents of terror go free and May First activists get lashed

News & Reports, as of Feb. 22, 2009

News & Reports, as of Feb. 11, 2009

Sample Protest Letter, updated Feb. 11, 2009

Protest Letter by Ken Loach

Les messages de solidarité aux travailleurs en France

Solidarité avec la grève générale des travailleurs en France le 29 janvier 2009

cgt protest letter

cgt transport protest letter to the IRI Ambassador

Protest Message by: APTUF/WWO

Solidarity message to workers' organizations in Palestine

Stop the Slander!

A Protest Rally in London-UK, January 3, 2009

Protest against a new wave of repression of labour activists in Iran!

Sample Protest Letter

News & Reports as of December 23, 2008

News & Reports as of November 28, 2008

Message of CGT to the Haft Tapeh Workers’ Syndicate

Five leaders of Hafteh Tapeh Workers’ Syndicate summoned to court

Haft Tapeh Workers' updates and CUPW solidarity message

News and reports, as of November 14, 2008

Mahmoud Salehi's statement on the current crisis

Sugar cane workers formed the 2nd independent labour union in Iran

Chronology of Haft Tapeh sugar cane workers' struggles

News and reports, as of Oct 7, 2008

Growing campaigns for Afshin Shams’ freedom

Alborz Tire Workers vow further actions

A call for solidarity and financial support, by Workers of the Gharb–Baft Carpet Company

Osalnoo returned to the notorious prison because "he talks"

Iranian labour activist in Switzerland faces deportation

Interview with a sugarcane workers' representative

Interview with Mansour Osanloo

All Pakistan Trade Union Federation - Protest Message

Peter Tatchell's articles in the Guardian: Iranian government is stepping up the repression of labour activists

IWW Protest Letter to the IRI: Stop the crackdown on union organizers

Australian Services Union express outrage over the recent whipping sentences and jail terms against labour activists in Iran

CUPW Condemns recent whipping sentences and jail terms against labour activists in Iran

Act Now! Korea: Stop arrests of trade union leaders

An Evening of Solidarity with Jailed Workers in Iran-New York, June 3, 2008

May Day Celebration in Toronto, May 4, 08

Worker to Worker Soldiarity Forum: Video 1

Forum on Worker to Worker Solidarity with Iran's Labour Movement, Mach 30th, Toronto- Endorsed by CUPE, CUPW & LabourStart 

Chicago: Soldiarity with Labour Movement in Iran, March 6th

IWW Statement for March 6 International Day of Action in Solidarity with the Workers of Iran

CUPE calls for release of Iranian political prisoners

Labour activists face lashes

Updates on Salehi, Osanloo and Activists of Vahed Syndicate

Najibeh Salehzadeh's Appeal

Special Bulletin on Khatounabad Workers- Jan 24th

A Week of Action


Lastest News From The Bus Workers Syndicate of Tehran

CUPE: Help release ill Iranian union leader

Runder Tisch der Webseite Schora über die afghanischen Arbeitsemigranten mit Teilnahme eines afghanischen Arbeitsemigranten in Iran.

Picket to Support Detained Students and workers in Iran on Dec 22, 2007-London

Madadi and Dehghan Are Freed- Dec. 16, 07

Four Labour activists Arrested on Dec. 14, 07

All Pakistan Trade Union Federation-  Solidarity Message                     

A Week of Action in Support of  Workers in Iran, November 24-30

Sugarcane workers’ representatives are released on bail

Latest Updates- Novemebr 12, 07

Osanloo and Madadi received a total of 7 years in jail

Oct. 29/2007: Latest Report on Osanloo, Madadi and Hamid

Battersea and Wandsworth Trades Union Council Stands in Solidarity with Workers in Iran

Road transport workers demand freedom for Iranian trade unionist

ITF Launches "Freedom will come- the story of Mansour Osanloo"

Highlights and News-October 2007

News of Workers’ Struggles in Iran, as of Sept. 9, 2007

Press Release on Day of Action in Ottawa

A 24 Hours Hunger Strike in Support of Salehi- July 18th

LabourStart: Act Now!
Free Mahmoud Salehi Now!

Click Here to
Support Salehi

Save Salehi's Life before it's too late! Madadi Was Freed without any conditions!

Ebrahim Madadi Arrested on July 3, 2007

LabourStart's Interview with Mansour Osanloo in London, 17-Jun-2007 

Report & Text of Speeches by Deborah Bourque, Derek Blckadder and Farid C. Partovi at the Solidarity Night with Workers in Iran 

Statement of the Campaign of Activists of the Iranian Workers' Movement-June 8, 2007- Demonstration in Front of ILO Conference

Urgent Appeal to MSF/Doctors Without Borders

"Mahmoud's Life is in Dangar": Urgent Action Requested by 
Najibeh saehzadeh

May 23, 2007: Updates on Salehi, Amani and Karimi

Amnesty International: Urgent Action

Union of Unemployed and Dismissed Workers: Leter to the ITUC

Updates about May Day Detainess-May 12, 2007

To Labour Organizations and Activists All Over the World!

Iran: More Arrests Following May Day

Letter from Dismissed and Unemployed Union

Iran: Workers Marked May Day! Numerous Clashes with Security Forces

CUPW Condemns Imprisonment of Salehi

ITUC: Iran: Violent Attacks and Judicial Farce Herald New Wave of Anti-union Repression

BWI Condemns Mahmoud Salehi's Arrest

Construction Forestry Mining and Energy Union Condemns Salehi's Imprisonment!

CGT's Protest Letter to the IRI' Ambassador

Mahmoud Salehi Rearrested!

Iran: More Arrests of Teachers! Teachers’ vow more protests!

Letter from Mahmoud Salehi to the ITUC General Secretary on Saqez Trials

Call for Celebration of May Day by the Collaborative Council of Labour Organizations 

“Only five teachers have so far been released”, March 18, 2007

Saqez Labour Activists Back in Court

Founding Declaration of the Collaborative Council of Labor Organizations and Activists

Joint ITUC/ ETUC Protest Letter on the Arrest of Women Activists in Iran

Thousands of teachers Protested Outside the Parliament, Mar 6, 07

In French: Iran Meeting - Intervention de JF COURBE au nom de la CGT

Conference/ Une Conférence – Feb 15,07: Soutenons les efforts des travailleurs en Iran pour la reconnaissance des droits syndicaux 

Strike By Sadra Ship Building Workers! Suspended Vahed Workers Demand Return To Work! Jan 31, 07

How Vahed Company fire union activists in collaboration with the Islamic Labour Council- a dismissal order

Original Dismissal Document in Farsi

Condemn the Brutal Murder of Guatemalan Labour Leader!

Iranian Workers Bulletin 9

Osanloo Freed on Dec. 19,06

The Joint Statement of the Iranian Labour Solidarity Organizations Abroad

Gholamhosseini Freed on Bail! Osanloo Still in Evin Prison! Salehi and Hosseini Appeal Jail Sentences!

Updates on Osanloo and another jailed Union Member

Two other Union Board Members Briefly Arrested!

Hakimi Sentenced to Two Years in Jail

Updates: Osanloo Incarcerated in Evin Prison!

An urgent appeal to: Labour and progressive organizations and activists!

Campaign launched: 12-Feb-2008

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Turkey: Free jailed trade union leaders

Crepe Naz workers go on strike 

Deteriorating eye sight prompts fresh concern for the fate Iranian trade union leader, says Unite

Sugar workers' union leaders facing lengthy prison terms: Act Now! 

Media Advisory- List of speakers at the Day of Action for Iran in Ottawa

Canadian unions and labour and social activists protest outside Iranian embassy on June 26 day of action

Demonstration against Islamic Republic of Iran, New York, June 26

Demonstration outside Iranian embassy in Ottawa on June 26

Latest updates on May First detainees

June 26, 2009 Global Solidarity Action Day

Demonstration outside Iranian Embassy in Ottawa, May 27, 2009

Iran: A Call for the International Campaign to Free May Day Detainees

Sample Protest letter, Re: May Day Detainees

May Day rallies attacked! Many beaten and arrested!

May Day Statement of Iranian Workers

LabourStart Act Now: Drop charges against union leaders

Ali Nejati freed on bail!

Free Ali Nejati Now!

Message from labour activists in Iran: we are in danger!

Message from labour activists in Iran: we are in danger!

IASWI's position on war, sanctions, governments and state-sponsored organizations

Message from Shiva Kheirabadi and Sousan Razani

More arrests of labour activists, as of Feb 22, 2009

LabourStart Act Now! Iran: Save the life of Farzad Kamangar

CUPW Condemns arrests and repression of labour activists in Iran

Farzad Kamangar's latest letter from prison

Free Hakimi and Amir Now!

More labour activists in jail and facing prosecution: Afshin Shams; Tayeb Molayee, Taha Azadi, Mohammad Jarahi and Mansour Osanloo- Nov. 2008  

Solidarity Message to the striking Canadian Union of Public Employees, Local 3903

LabourStart: Act NOW!
Protest intensified repression against labour activists - No to whippings and executions!

4 labour activists sentenced to suspended sentences; Afshin Shams put on trial

Ashkan China Factory workers Seize the factory’s machinery

Gholamhosseini still in prison! Osanloo transfered to another prison!

News & Reports Bulletin- September 2, 08

Act Now Campaign's Most Recent Updates as of August 18, 2008

Sample Protest Letter- Condemn whipping sentences and jail terms against workers

News and Reports-Workers’ Struggles in Iran- as of Aug, 12, 08

News and Reports-Workers’ Struggles in Iran- as of July 1, 08

5,000 sugar cane workers on strike!

Workers' News- Updated on May 23, 2008


ITUC: Usual May Day repression in Iran

Reports on May Day 2008 in Iran

Alborz Tire: Hundreds of Striking Workers

Updates on Salehi's Freedom

Mahmoud Salehi Freed!

Latest Updates as of April 4th

Australia's CFMEU Calls on IRI to release all jailed labour and student activists and recognize workers' rights!

Salehi has stopped his hunger strike

Amnesty International Urgent Campaign: Free Salehi

Protest Rallies in Sanandaj and Important Updates on Salehi's Hunger Strike- March 24, 2008

Iran: Amnesty International and international trade union bodies condemn repressive measures meted out against trade union leader Mahmoud Salehi

Unite-The UNION expresses outrage over new charges against Mahmoud Salehi

Request for Urgent Action to save Mahmoud Salehi’s life

Salehi Declares Dry Hunger-strike-March 17

Forum on March 30th: Building Worker to Worker Solidarity with Iran's Labour Movement-Toronto

Mahmoud Salehi’s Message to all workers and concerned organizers and participants of the March 6th Global Day of Action

Rally in Solidarity with Workers in Iran- Toronto

Iran: Release jailed workers
Campaign launched: 12-Feb-2008

Global Action Day - 6 March 2008: 
The ITUC and the ITF are organising a global action day on 6 March 2008 in solidarity with the Iranian workers!

Support Urgent Campaigns to Save Salehi’s Life!

Salehi Still in Hospital! Two members of the Committee in Defense of Mahmoud Salehi arrested!

Mahmoud Salehi Taken Back to Jail After Overnight Hospital Stay-Jan 10th

Mahmoud Salehi Hospitalized For More Tests - Jan, 9, 2008

Mahmoud Salehi is facing an acute medical emergency and Amnesty International and the international labour movements are pressing the Iranian authorities to release him or protect his health

Amnesty International UK Press Release: Mahmoud Salehi Collapses in Prison- Dec 21, 07

Amnesty Internaional: Visit Iran Pages: International action for trade unionists

Amnesty Canada: Urgent Action: Mahmoud Salehi was hospitalized and his health condition is serious

LabourStart-Act NOW!
Attempted assassination of labour activist in Iran


 Amnesty International:  

Unconscious Mahmoud Salehi Hospitalised

Don't Forget Salehi!

Free Reza Dehghan!

Open Letter to Congress of WFTU - T.U.I. Transport,   Brazil , December 10-11, 2007

Condemn Assassination attempts Against Labour Activists in Iran!

Background information

Mansour Osanloo Received Eye Surgery

ITUC: Denial of urgent medical treatment for Mansour Osanloo

Amnesty International- Iran: Urgent medical treatment required for jailed trade unionist

I'm wearing the badge! Free Osanloo now!!

Open Letter to the WFTU

Reports on International Day of Action: Australia, Canada, Denmark, France, Germany, Norway, Sweden, UK...

List of Activities on August 9th International Day of Action

Mahmoud Salehi's Message from Prison

Demonstration in Support of Workers in Iran- August 9/ 07

ITF News Online: International day of action called over detention of Iranian union leaders

July 12, 2007- As of this minute, the latest unconfirmed news from Iran is that Osanloo has been taken to the Evin Prison in Tehran.

Osanloo’s whereabouts and safety still unknown!

July 10, 2007- Condemn the Kidnapping of Mansour Osanloo!

The ITF is asking you to express your solidarity with Osanloo and the Tehran bus workers.

ITF Condemns Osanloo's Abduction

ITUC/ ITF Joint Letter to the IRI on Abduction of Osanloo

ITUC Urges Affiliates to Join in the Appeal to Free Salehi! (July 5,07)

Latest Report on Salehi, June 20, 2007: Salehi's health has seriously deteriorated. Judicial authorities rejected his lawyer's requests

Sheys Amani Freed on Bail!

Sedigh Karimi was Freed on Heavy Bail! Sheys Amani’s Release Has Been put on Hold! Mahmoud Salehi has vowed to go on hunger strike!

Osanloo Sentenced To 5 Years Imprisonment!

Salehi’s Health is Worsening!


Condemn the Verdict of Imprisonment and Suspended Sentence Against Mahmoud Salehi!

Salehi’s Health Conditions Worsens!

Click: Free Mahmoud Salehi Now!

Workers Rally Was Attacked!

Salehi's Letter from Prison to Guy Ryder

Final Verdict against Saqez Labour Leaders

Mahmoud Salehi’s Biography and

Sample Protest Letter

Annual Report- Vahed Syndicate March 2007

Solidarity with workers in Iran- France

Update on Osanloo’s Trial and Vahed Company’s Suspended Workers!  Saqez Labour Activists’ Appeal Trial Scheduled for March 11, 2007!

Iran- Labour Ministry Orders the Sacking of the Vahed Union Activists

Iranisches Arbeitsministerium ordnet die Entlassung der Aktivisten von Sherkat-e Vahed an

Arbeitergewerkschaft der Sherkat-e Vahed in Teheran und Umgebung.

Proteste der Arbeiter der Kühlschrankfabrik in Lorestan

International Organisations redouble campaign for persecuted Iran unionists

ITUC on Continued Detention of Mansour Osanloo

CUPE's Letter to IRI President-Text

CUPW President to Ahmadinejad

ITF/ ITUC's Letter to the IRI President on Re-arrest of Osanloo

Vahed Syndicate's Letter to the ITF on Dismissal of Union Members- October 3, 2006

Vahed union-List of Suspended Workers and the Union's Appeal for Financial Support

Tehran Bus Workers' Syndicate to ITF!

Bus Workers Released!
Free Mansour Osanloo Now!

Sentences Against Saqez Workers Quashed! Vahed Workers Released!

May Day Arrests!

May Day 2006! More Arrests!

May Day in Iran! Workers' Struggles and Demands! Threats of War!

Statement from the Unity of Workers' Committees in Iran to ICFTU and Global Union Federations

Statement by the Vahed Workers' Syndicate on the February 15th International Day of Action

Feb. 15, 06- Demonstration in Ottawa In Support of Tehran Transport Workers

Call to back worldwide protests over detained Iranian bus workers

Feb 07, 06- Updates and Actions-200 workers released, but were denied the right to return to work

Japan's Railway Workers' Union

Feb. 01, 2005- Several Hundred Workers Still in Jail

Jan. 30, 06- The ICFTU's Protest Letter to Iran's President

2006-Jan-29 - Philippine Railworkers Union in Support of Vahed Workers

The Iranian Government Crushed Tehran Bus Drivers' Strike!
An Urgent Appeal!

Tehran Bus Dispute Chronology of Events