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Communiqué number 58 of Reza Shahabi Defence Committee

Communiqué number 58 of Reza Shahabi Defence Committee:

The coroner’s office of Tehran recommends Reza Shahabi’s speedy transfer to hospital for urgent treatment.

On September 4th, 2013, the Tehran Coroner’s Office examined Reza Shahabi at Evin prison. Based on a MRI scan it was confirmed a back disc related to three vertebrae have been damaged, and he should be transferred to hospital for surgery immediately. This ailment had afflicted Reza with continuous back pain, at times causing his left leg to feel numb, forcing him to limp and having difficulties moving his left foot
The medical examiner has recommended that Reza Shahabi’s treatment to be done under a specialist care and outside of prison. Regarding the conditions of abdomen and liver the medical examiner has also recommended outside prison treatment under specialist physicians.

Also regarding the latest statement that Reza has received (from officials) about the time remained on his prison sentence, the release date is May 2015, and if he does not pay a fine (7 million toman) it will be extended to May 2016; whereas in the previous statement the release date was March 2014. It should be evident that security officials in addition to not providing urgently needed medical care for Reza Shahabi, they also try to breakdown the spirit of his family and him by arbitrary announcements of different dates for his release.

Reza Shahabi’s Defense Committee protests against the continued incarceration of Reza Shahabi, a board member and treasurer of the Syndicate of Workers of Tehran and Suburbs Bus Company, and demands his immediate access to needed medical care.*

Reza Shahabi’s defense Committee
4, September, 2013
Phone number for Committee’s spokesperson, Mr., Mahomud Salehi: 09357353412

* Previous updates from Reza Shahabi Defence Committee indicated that Mr. Shahabi temporarily stopped using his medical care in protest since Saturday August 10, after security forces attacked prisoners of ward 350 of Evin prison, physically and verbally attacking all. They also grabbed Mr. Shahabi, who was resting on his bed (although all his cellmates had told the agents that he is suffering from various ailments) and throw him down on the floor. This savage attack only intensified Mr. Shahabi‘s critical health condition. Yet the prison’s physician and his superiors refused to send him to a hospital where he could be properly treated. Even going to prison’s own health facilities are always coupled with multiple inspections and insults from prison’s health workers. When prisoners protest such high security measures the response they get is:” You’re lucky you’re in here. If you were anywhere else we would have you stripped naked by now!”

In response to these insulting interactions and lack of sufficient medical care, which causes further deterioration of all prisoners’ health, Mr. Shahabi had declared that until such conditions are changed and he is sent to a proper medical facility to be taken care of by a specialized physician he would refuse any medical services given to him starting Saturday August 10, 2013. Mr. Shahabi’s ailments include: Severe back pain; numbness of the left foot, to the extent that he cannot move his foot; suffering from severe acid reflux; high fat in his liver, with marks showing up on his face,….

It is clear that since security forces and prison guards have not been able to pacify and silence the voice of this equality seeking worker they have decided to gradually silence him! But Reza is not the only prisoner facing such conditions. Many other prisoners face similar situation, including Asher Darolshafa, one of his cellmates.

Reza Shahabi’s Defense Committee has repeatedly expressed serious concerns about Shahabi’s conditions and holds security forces and prison officials responsible for any consequences. They have called on all labor organizations in Iran and throughout the world to protest these inhumane treatments and conditions by any means in their disposal.

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