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Statement by the Syndicate of Workers of Tehran and Suburbs Bus Company on the sudden death of Shahrokh Zamani

September 14, 2015

We condemn those responsible for the death of the workers’ rights defender, the late Shahrokh Zamani

The late Shahrokh Zamani was an indefatigable paint worker who spent most of his life thinking and struggling for the rights of the working people and the poor and in pursuit of social justice; and because of such efforts he was sentenced to eleven years in prison. He spent near five years of his life in different prisons, the last of which was the arduous Rajai Shahr prison.

He was a truly noble worker and a favorite of all his fellow prisoners.  He was always ready to sacrifice for and help his fellow prisoners and remained committed to defending peoples’ aspirations, social justice and workers’ rights, particularly workers’ trade union rights. Despite continuous repression and abuses imposed on him he continued on his path.

The deplorable and highly unacceptable conditions of prisons in Iran are so atrocious and intolerable that even government officials themselves admit to it. Especially harsh are the lack of any medical attention inside jails which also heavily contributed to his death. Certainly if he was not incarcerated his early and shocking death would have been avoided. Those in charge of prisoners’ conditions and rights are accountable for the Unbelievable death of the late Shahrokh Zamani.

Shahrokh Zamani was an activist in the new wave of the trade union movement of Iran which began in 1990’s and was always organizing to unite all workers’ advocates. He was also instrumental in organizing paint workers syndicate and was a friend of the Bus Workers’ Syndicate.

As the Syndicate of Workers of Tehran and Suburbs Bus Company, we see it as our duty towards workers’ solidarity and in defense of rights, justice and freedom, to condemn those liable for the tragic death of this honorable worker and human being; we also send our condolences to his grieving family, coworkers and all workers struggling for their rights, social justice and freedom. We also condemn all those responsible for his death and demand punishment of the perpetrators and the respect for the rights of the family of the Late Shahrokh Zamani.

 ·         Translated by IASWI


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