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Reports related to Shahrokh Zamani’s funeral

Shahrokh Zamani was buried in City of Tabriz on September 15, 2015.   About a thousand people attended his funeral despite an atmosphere of fear and intimidation created by the intelligence forces.

Shahrokh’s family issued a brief message of gratitude, on September 16, 2015, to all participants in Shahrokh’s funeral. In their message, Shahrokh’s family said, “Salute to the martyrs of freedom; we lost our beloved Shahrokh and are going through very difficult days, but the remarkable presence of workers, students and noble individuals in the funeral ceremony of Shahrokh has helped soothing our pains; so we hereby thank all those who through any means possible supported us in these hard times (with their presence, by phone calls or messages or through expression of their support in social networks…) ; especially we thank the members of independent workers’ organizations.  And without a doubt we know we are not alone in the future and we except all of you to continue on the path of Shahrokh with dedication and strength.”

At Shahrokh’s funeral a joint statement of seven independent labour and worker advocacy organizations were read (see below). Following Shahrokh’s funeral his cousin was arrested and later some members of his family including his father were pressured by the intelligence forces to give the names of those who attended the funeral.

A day following Shahrokh’s funeral, In a statement titled, “We buried Shahrokh, but yesterday in the Vadi-e Rahmat Cemetery of Tabriz, tens of young Shahrokhs rose to the occasion”, the Free Union of Iranian workers reported:

“Yesterday morning the “Vadi-e Rahmat” cemetery in Tabriz witnessed an extraordinary funeral procession. The body of Shahrokh Zamani, this bold and indefatigable warrior of the Iranian working class, had been resting in cemetery’s morgue since the night before. Members and activists from Alborz Province Syndicate of Paint Workers, Committee to Pursue Establishment of Workers’ Organizations, Coordinating Committee to Help Form Workers’ Organizations, Syndicate of Workers of Tehran Bus Company, Centre for Defenders of Workers’ Right, Free Union of Iranian workers and many youth, students and workers, who had arrived from far away points, were present there since nine o’clock in the morning. Everyone was deeply upset and enraged.

From around ten o’clock the waiting hall to receive the body was packed. After Shahrokh’s body was delivered his comrades carried it to his resting place, on Block 57, Section 85.

Close to a thousand attendees were all in great disbelief and visibly indignant as the body was lowered into the grave. Many were loudly crying when the solid voice of a member of the Syndicate of Paint Workers of Alborz Province silenced all voices by reading the statement of seven labour organizations issued for the untimely death of Shahrokh.

After the statement was read the sorrow and anger of attendees was transformed into vociferous chants. They began chanting “Salute Shahrokh”, “Long Live Shahrokh Zamani”, and “Shahrokh is our teacher, his path is our path.” Another elderly worker who had traveled from Sanandaj also read his message of solidarity for the crowd and then one of Shahrokh’s relatives announced the end of the procession. 

While the people were exiting the cemetery security forces tried to take an advantage by arresting three young workers and students and were able to put hand cuffs on one of them. However, in reaction to that, the young workers and students in attendance responded with a bold counter attack and after a fearless altercation with the security agents forced them to free their comrade and apologize.

We buried Shahrokh, but yesterday in Vadi-e Rahmat cemetery tens of other young Shahrokhs raised to the occasion, and these youth will undoubtedly transform Shahrokh’s death to a banner of workers’ unity and solidarity, a banner for freedom from oppression, exploitation and the creation of a better world.  Long live workers’ solidarity – Long Live Shahrokh Zamani.”

·        Translated by IASWI 

International Alliance in support of workers in Iran (IASWI)

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