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Reza Shahabi’s health rapidly worsening after return to jail

320792 446387158786737 1335452838 nLast week, Reza Shahabi’s back pain increased and affected his left leg as well; he was taken to the Evin prison’s medical clinic but due to lack of medical supplies and mistreatment by the prison’s doctor and other authorities he requested to be taken back to prison.
Reza Shahabi Defence Committee reports that Reza Shahabi is in a very bad condition and only with the help of his roommates were able to make some movements. His low back and left leg pain can only be tolerated with injected morphine and other strong pain killers.
Prison authorities, using the special circumstances surrounding election as an excuse has refused to transfer Reza’s transfer to outside prison for MRI and required treatments.
Reza’s doctors had previously noted that he could not tolerate the prison’s conditions and needed to be outside prison. The Reza Shahabi Defence Committee is calling on the government authorities to free Reza Shahabi immediately. They are asking for increased international pressures on authorities to expedite Shahabi’s freedom. 
Please refer to the sample protest letter below.

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