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Workers at Gilan's Asalam Lumber Factory Go on Strike

Asalam Lumber Factory workers staged a sit-in and went on strike last week to protest four months  postponement of their monthly pay. The factory is located in Khalifeh- abad, in the Gilan Province's Hashtpar, northern Iran.
Workers went out of the factory and blocked Anzali-Hashtpar road for several hours and stopped the traffic, after their latest discussions with the factory management did not bear any results and they were  disappointed from any official action. The sit-in ended when workers
were given two months of their postponed payments.
This is the fourth time since March, the workers in this factory go on  strike in demand of their salaries.
Workers at Khavar Benz truck assembly plant, 8 kms south of Tehran,  also went on a four-day strike last week, which ended with the retreat of the state-controlled workers' council and the factory management.
The regime's critical economic state has stagnated Iranian factory production. Most of the factories operate at 20% of their capacity.  Workers routinely do not receive their salaries for several months.
Presently 16 million workers are either unemployed or laid off from  their jobs.