Migrant Dreams: Bangladeshi Workers in Singapore - REWIND

Migrant Dreams: Bangladeshi Workers in Singapore – REWIND

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  1. its always the Curry smelling indians or arabs that rob the poor disadvantaged ppl, no wonder India is literally the most filthiest disgusting place in the world its because they have no morals.

  2. i lived in singapore and we have laws and regulations in place  to protect this migrant workers , qatar go and report about your own country first dont be a hpyocrite

  3. Please stop going, and Karma will take care of the evil and greedy demons. Never pay to go for a job, and Singapore should protect all workers, and the payments should go directly to the families of the workers, with a % for the workers, and they should not pay for rent or food. God is watching us folks! Stop allowing richer countries to rape, abuse, or mistreat you. Never borrow money to go for a job.I love Singapore, but the companies need to ay Singapore, and Singapore sends money to the families, and , save a %, and have health and life insurance payable to the families

    Thank you.

    Google: Judi Grace Storycorps.
    Google: Murders in Chicago.
    Donate death row organs, and do not poison them.

  4. by the why dont alzazera show about migrants being exploited in qatar. we see all over other news network but not alzajera. this proves how baised is this AJ. no wonder now they are being told to shut down. looks like justic a
    has been served

  5. As a singaporean, I would wholeheartedly welcome them. They literally build this city with their hands like my forefathers did, they should get to stay. On the other hand, the path to migration is checked by the cold facts of population control and the want for influx of higher skilled migrants due to the small land area.