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Global Day of Action against trade union repression

global day of action against trade union repressionAll around the world workers are prevented from organising by capitalists and governments. We face fines, dismissals, beatings, rapes and even murder. By keeping us unorganised, they can pay us less, make us work harder, and make greater profits. By keeping us weak, they can increase casualisation and contracting out. Many labour activists end up in jail because of their organising activities. That is why we fight against trade union repression. Mark and organise your event for November 16. The Global Picket Line International Committee is having an international online meeting on Friday October 3 to discuss actions on this day. To request to join this meeting, click here.

Stop the killings of workers and unionists. Free our comrades in jail. Organising is not a crime. Stop sexual violence against women workers. Un-organised workers are used as cheap labour, a living wage for all.


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