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Bangladesh: Garment unions trained for effective implementation of GFAs


62 trade union representatives, including 25 women union leaders, from various garment factories in Bangladesh participated in a training programme on the implementation of IndustriALL’s Global Framework Agreements with H&M, Inditex and Tchibo, in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

IndustriALL Global Union organized a three-day training on ‘Implementation of the GFAs in Textile, Garment, Leather and Shoe Industries in Bangladesh’, in Dhaka, Bangladesh, on 20, 21 and 27 October.

The training of the plant level union leaders working in the supplier factories was organized with the objective to build capacity and raise awareness towards an effective implementation of GFA.

The training discussed key features and benefits of the GFAs and various procedural aspects, involving role of plant level union leaders and IndustriALL when raising issues related to workers’ rights, and how to address them through GFAs.

Through creative sessions and a participatory approach, the training aimed to provide union leaders with a better grasp of the complex contents of GFAs, as well as the  implementation mechanisms and communication channels.

Christina Hajagos Clausen, IndustriALL director for textile and garment Industry, said:

It is always a challenge to translate the principles of GFAs to bring change at the plant level. Informed and committed participation of union leaders is crucial in this process. The training programme enables union leaders to take advantage of GFAs to protect workers rights of create better working conditions for union members.

Ms Sabrina Akter of Natural Denims Ltd. Sommilito Sromik Union said:

This training is very useful for us. Knowing that the GFA is an important tool, we will use it when negotiating with the management. We also recommend that this training should be provided to management representatives, so that they understand their responsibilities towards workers.


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