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    Iran: repression of teacher trade unionists and activists continues: A call for solidarity

    Iran: repression of teacher trade unionists and activists continues A call for solidarity Teachers’ struggles in Iran for pay equity, enhanced retirement benefits as well as free public education, an end to the privatization of education and persecution of teacher unionists and freedom of imprisoned teachers have been continuing incessantly in recent months. On October […] More

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    Union busting at Shints garments in Ethiopia condemned

    The Industrial Federation of Textile Leather and Garment Workers Trade Union (IFTLGWTU), affiliated to IndustriALL Global Union, says the management of the garment manufacturer that exports outdoor clothing and sportswear under the US trade policy the African Growth and Opportunity Act (AGOA), is discouraging workers from joining the union. Shints, which employs 4,414 workers at […] More

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    “If you really think we’re heroes don’t betray us, by taking away our rights,” say Ontario hospital workers rallying Friday

    Hospital workers from across Ontario are rallying today (Friday, July 17) to restore basic workplace rights suspended for months by emergency orders during the COVID-19 pandemic. Bill 195 continues that suspension of these rights for up to 3 years. Distressed and angered by the rushed Progressive Conservative legislation (Bill 195) that would lay them off or […] More

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    Union works to halt teacher dismissals, resume salary payments, and ensure safety of students and teachers

    In Nepal, an education union has highlighted how the COVID-19 pandemic has given rise to new challenges. These include non-payment of teacher salaries by some private school employers, the psychological impact of the lockdown on students, and the challenges of online teaching. As Nepal came to grips with the COVID-19 pandemic, one issue that confronted […] More

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    Global unions condemn escalating attacks on democracy and worker rights in the Philippines

    The IUF and the the international union organizations which make up the Council of Global Unions have condemned the escalating attack on democratic and trade union rights in the Philippines, where the recent adoption of an ‘Anti-Terrorism Act’ grants the government a sweeping license to escalate repression and arbitrary police power. “With its deplorable record […] More

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    Government harasses Malaysian union leader after safety concerns aired

    On 16 June, Channel 4 News in the UK shockingly revealed the failure of the biggest rubber glove manufacturer in the world, Top Glove, to comply with the social distancing rules imposed by Malaysian authorities. The investigative report also exposed the poor living conditions of migrant workers at the company. Shocked by the working conditions, […] More

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    CUPE Nova Scotia hosts first ever anti-Black racism panel discussion

    A heartfelt, uncomfortable and necessary conversation by CUPE members about their experiences with racism in the workplace and the union. In response to recent events, members of CUPE Nova Scotia’s Human Rights Committee and Division Executive came together to discuss what could be done, as a union, to better serve our racialized members. The group decided […] More

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    Union seeks social dialogue on pandemic impact on teachers and students

    The Portuguese education union, Federaçao Nacional dos Professores, is concerned about teacher professional issues, inequities, lack of social dialogue, and assessment of teachers. In Portugal, teacher workload has soared due to the demands of the COVID-19 pandemic. That information is provided by Manuela Mendonça, member of the Federaçao Nacional dos Professores (FENPROF) National Secretariat and […] More

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    IUF Europe: New EU guidelines on seasonal workers a step in the right direction but binding measures are urgently needed

    The IUF’s European regional organization IUF-EFFAT has consistently demanded greater legal protection for seasonal migrant workers, whose precarious situation has been ruthlessly exposed by the COVID-19 pandemic. On July 16, in response to urgent calls for action by unions and the European Parliament, the European Commission issued ‘Guidelines on Seasonal Workers in the EU in […] More

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    Successful organizing in Romania | IndustriALL

    IndustriALL Global Union’s auto director Georg Leutert reflects on a difficult but successful organizing drive, and what elements are needed for successful transnational cooperation.  In October 2019, Leutert, together with a colleague from the Daimler World Works Council and a manager from Daimler, travelled to Cugir to meet the local union. At the plant we meet our colleague […] More

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    New federal investments in sick leave, child care and PPE should be the foundation for permanent, long-term support

    CUPE is welcoming last week’s pledge of federal support for paid sick leave, child care, bolstering Canada’s supply of personal protective equipment, and more. On July 16, the federal government announced a $19 billion support package negotiated with the provinces, of which $7.5 billion would go to purchasing personal protective equipment (PPE). Another $1.1 billion was […] More

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    Union report highlights digital divide for public school students

    The Australian Education Union has published a report showing a significant digital gap during the COVID-19 pandemic and the lack of digital inclusion for public school students. An independent report commissioned by the Australian Education Union (AEU) has revealed the persistent long-term gap in digital access, affordability, and ability experienced by many public-school students in […] More

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