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Agriculture and Farmers Federation of Myanmar calls for an end to violence and discrimination in Rakhine state


The IUF-affiliated Agriculture and Farmers Federation of Myanmar (AFFM) has called for “an end to violence in Rakhine state where many people have died and been rendered homeless.”

In its statement, AFFM, which has members in Rakhine state, expressed concern that the security crackdown and brutal violence spreads fear and insecurity among working people, while putting the fragile transition to democracy at risk.

“As an independent trade union federation, we are against all forms of discrimination and call on the authorities, leaders and international organizations to work together to ensure the protection of rights and to end all forms of violent action in Rakhine state,” AFFM said in its statement.

As a leading independent and democratic trade union committed to economic and social justice, AFFM also declared: “On behalf of our members, we are ready to be involved in the work of restoring peace to Rakhine.”



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