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Solidarity with Evolution Gaming workers in Georgia

Solidarity with Evolution Gaming workers in Georgia

From July 30 to August 3, a group of workers at Evolution Gaming in Georgia went on strike to request higher wages and the rehiring of their fellow workers who have been fired due to their union activities.

Evolution Gaming is a company that provides business to business online casino services. They are in operation in Latvia, Malta, Georgia, Romania, Canada and England and have an approximate staff count worldwide of 6000 people. Their most recent production hub opened in Tbilisi, Georgia in 2018.

Some of the workers at Evolution Gaming are paid as low as GEL400 (US$137) per month which is not even half of the average salary in Tbilisi. Due to those poor working conditions, workers have decided to organize and request a better salary. For over a month, the workers have brought their request forward. Just before the strike, which lasted from July 30th to August 3rd, workers were fired, the employer cited old disciplinary violations to justify the blatantly anti union and anti worker firings. The company has also refused any intervention in the conflict from the Evolution Trade Union which is currently representing workers in the Evolution Gaming Latvian offices, refusing to allow “union interference” in this work conflict.

The workers in the Georgian office of Evolution Gaming are now back to work, but their struggle is not over. They still are underpaid and their fellow workers were still fired in a union busting effort. The acts of Evolution Gaming are a clear attack on unions, workers and the right to collective bargaining. The North American Regional Administration of the Industrial Workers of the World stand in complete solidarity with the brave workers in Georgia who have decided to take their lives into their own hands and fight their greedy employers for better working conditions. Only in fighting together on our workplaces, in our industries and across borders can we hope to strengthen the rights of workers worldwide and truly empower the working class.

Video of the strikers :

Solidarity in this necessary and hard fight,
International Solidarity Commission,
North American Regional Administration,
Industrial Workers of the World


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