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Recognition for vital role of school support staff


Canada: Recognition for vital role of school support staff

Strong recognition was given to the crucial role played by educational support staff in the lives of educational establishments and their students during Quebec’s National School Support Staff Day.

The essential work carried out by school support staff – who ensure the proper functioning of schools on a daily basis – was highlighted in Canada on National School Support Staff Day in September.

The Federation of school support staff (Fédération du personnel de soutien scolaire – FPSS-CSQ), affiliated to the Central trade union body of Quebec (Centrale des syndicats du Québec – CSQ), a member organisation of Education International (EI), rightly emphasised the essential work carried out by its 27,000 school support staff members.


“Our public education network would not be what it is today without these workers working at all levels of our school system, day after day,” said FPSS-CSQ President Eric Pronovost.

“Our members have great reason to be proud of what they are accomplishing, as they are making a difference in our schools and in our centres. We would therefore like to thank them for their professionalism.”

Learning about the education support personnel’s employment categories in 81 days

However, Pronovost highlighted that the 81 employment categories represented by the Federation remain too little known and recognised.

In order to remind the Minister of Education of the importance of recognising and valuing these employment categories, he will receive one postcard showcasing a specific employment category every day. This is a way of showcasing each person who contributes to school life in schools and education centres, and of creating a better understanding of the role played by each school support staff member in school boards. When all of the daily deliveries will have been made, the Minister will have a full set of 81 postcards.

Video of Quebec MP Alexandre Cloutier highlighting the work of school support staff:

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