Resolution to support Iranian Bus Driversí
Union leaders Mansour Osanlou and Ebrahim Madadi

Adopted by Amalgamated Transit Union, Local 587

Whereas: The Tehran Bus Drivers Union (Syndicate of Workers of the United Bus Company of Tehran and Suburbs) has played a pivotal role in helping to revive the Iranian labor movement, by establishing itself as an independent union that stands up for workers rights and the freedom to organize; and

Whereas: the Union has faced severe repression from the government of the Islamic Republic of Iran (IRI), which is trying to stop this independent initiative of bus drivers to unionize and organize ó and in doing so, set an example for other Iranian workers who are fighting for their rights; and

Whereas: as part of the repression, the IRI has jailed the Unionís leaders, in particular Ebrahim Madadi and Mansour Osanlou, who have now spent more than three years in prison as political prisoners, because of their dedicated work on behalf of the Iranian bus drivers union and other workers in Iran; and

Whereas: the imprisonment of Osanlou and Madadi by the government has been condemned by unions and human rights organizations around the world, including the International Transport Workersí Federation, Amnesty International and the International Trade Union Confederation;

Be it therefore resolved: that Amalgamated Transit Union 587 add its weight to the campaign for an end to the repression of independent labor organizing in Iran, and in particular for the release of Osanlou and Madadi, by writing to the Iranian government and calling for their immediate release; and

Be it finally resolved: that Amalgamated Transit Union 587 send a message of solidarity and copy of the letter calling for Osanlou and Madadiís release to the Tehran Bus Drivers Union, and in other ways publicize ATU 587ís decision to support the Union in their effort to free Osanlou and Madadi so that they can better move forward in their organizing to improve their conditions, and to strengthen the rights and conditions of all working people in Iran.††††††††††

Adopted by Amalgamated Transit Union, Local 587 in March 2010