IASWI Condemns Israel's Crimes Against the Freedom Flotilla
End the Blockade and Siege of Gaza Now!

The IASWI strongly condemns the Israeli government massacre of humanitarian relief workers and activists aboard the Freedom Flotilla.
 Israeli forces attacked six unarmed ships and 700 people on board from around the world who were delivering humanitarian aid to Gaza, including baby food, clothing, and building materials to rebuild homes, schools, and hospitals destroyed by Israeli bombing in 2008. We along with independent labour organizations of Iran and around the world strongly condemn Israel's attacks and crimes against humanity. We stand in solidarity with people of Gaza and the working class organizations of Palestine and demand an immediate end to Israel's blockade and Siege of Gaza.

International Alliance in Support of Workers in Iran (IASWI)

June 8, 2010


By Mahmoud Salehi*

Swedish Port Workers Union ( Svenska Hamnarbetarfo rbundet) has announced that in protesting Israel's attack on the humanitarian flotilla taking aid to Gaza and subsequent murder of some of the aid workers, it shall stop the movement of all goods from Swedish ports to and from Israel which is managed by union members (see below).

The only condition preventing the union from taking such actions would be an investigation of the raid, punishment of culprits, and lifting of the siege of Gaza by Israel.

The International Trade Union Confederation (ITUC) has also condemned the slaughter of 19 aid workers, and injuries of many more by the hands of Israeli government. This confederation has also repeated the demand for a lifting of the siege of port of Gaza, has condemned military attacks on civilians, and called for a transparent, independent, and extensive investigation into the attack.

International Federation of Transport Workers (ITF) , while reiterating ITUC's statement, holds Israeli government responsible for the attack on the ships and killing of the aid workers.

Trade Union Congress (TUC-UK) pointing out this incident happened on international waters has condemned Israel and expressed solidarity with the victims' families. This congress has also emphasized its demand for a lifting of the siege on Gaza by Israel, and an independent , transparent investigation of the incident.

Labour organizations throughout the world have also condemned the criminal act of Israeli army's attack on the aid flotilla through similar statements. There is no doubt that such statements of solidarity are all very positive and useful, but the highly recommended action of Swedish dockworkers is a practical step with an internationalist character, which should emulated by all.

I warmly shake these fellow workers' hands. We are hoping that Labour organizations, relying on the power of their rank and file, find practical, viable and feasible methods to bring a halt to Israeli aggressions, and hold them responsible as planners and executioners of the attacks on the ships and continuing siege of Gaza. Capitalist governments all over the world reacting to growing public pressures have had to condemn the Israeli state's criminal acts. It is necessary for labour organizations to maintain the pressure on these governments until the siege of Gaza is completely lifted. Amongst the labour organizations throughout the world, organized workers in Israeli , as a part of the worldwide extensive army of the proletariat, must also play their part in this regard.

We, a group of workers from Saghez, in a unison voice with all other workers of the world, condemn the savage attacks on the aid flotilla, and demand an immediate end to the siege on Gaza. We also ask all liberated humanity to work hand in hand with labour organizations, so we could devise effective methods, similar to Dockworkers in Sweden.

Mahmud Salehi

June 5, 2010

*Mahmoud Salehi is one of the most prominent and progressive Iranian labour activists and leaders. He lives in City of Saqez, Kurdistan province. He has been imprisoned by the Islamic Republic of Iran numerous times because of his labour organizing efforts. Most recently, he spent one year in prison in 2008-2009 and he is now serving his three year suspended sentence.


Swedish Port Workers Union Notice Of Blockade Of All Israeli Ships & Cargo

Swedish Port Workers Union Notice Of Blockade Of All Israeli Ships & Cargo

Swedish Port Workers Union has today given notice of the blockade of all
Israeli ships and cargo to and from Israel which is managed by the union
members. The blockade will be effective at. 00:00 Tuesday, June 15 and lasts
until at. 24:00 Thursday, June 24.

The reason for the blockade is the unprecedented criminal attack on the
peaceful ship convoy In Gaza. Several peace activists were killed by Israeli
commandos and other participants were detained without any reason.

Swedish Port Workers Union, which supports the Ship to Gaza, like the action
to protest against the state of Israel of international law perpetrated
against a convoy of peace activists and material supplies to the people as
well because of a legal blockade suffering population of Gaza.

Swedish Port Workers Union requires that the assault are brought to justice,
that international law is respected by the State of Israel and that the
blockade of Gaza immediately lifted.

Swedish Port Workers' Union would urge other unions and other organizations
to take similar initiatives and calls for a general blockade of Israeli
goods until the Palestinian people's rights have been satisfied in general
and in particular the blockade of Gaza lifted.

For further information contact:

Bjorn Borg A. Federal Chairman 070-680 95 48

Peter Annerback member Executive Committee 073-546 38 02

Rolf Axelsson member Executive Committee 070-950 89 09



International Alliance in Support of Workers in Iran (IASWI)

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