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The targeting of Afghans in Iran must stop


On June 26, 2012, the IRI's security forces stormed an Afghan neighbourhood of Yazd city after an Iranian 18-year-old girl was killed in the area, allegedly by two men of Afghan origin. Hundreds of Afghans were arrested and scores of homes were set on fire. There are reports that some were severely beaten and some others might have been killed.  


Afghan migrants in Iran have been the target of prejudice, intolerant and xenophobic attacks by the security forces of the Islamic Republic of Ian (IRI) and their vigilant supporters including para-military groups for many years. Afghans have been banned from entry to public parks and other community spaces in many provinces throughout Iran. They are constantly targeted, brutalized and blamed for the unemployment and other social ills in Iran. They are stripped of any rights and are almost certainly the most exploited workers of Iran. Their wages are mostly under national minimum wage and often unpaid and stolen by the employers. No human rights or any kind of labour standards protect them. The majority of children of Afghan workers are not entitled to the public education. These children have been facing hardship and denied of any rights throughout their life.  A severe discrimination, propagated by the government, weighs on them. A small percentage of Afghan migrants have been granted the status of refugees and given the right of settlement in Iran.


These kinds of violent attacks on a community that have been victimized and violated for many years only benefits the Iranian regime by creating diversions as well as divisions amongst working people and disadvantaged populations. The economic and political situation in Iran is extremely precarious. Poverty and unemployment is skyrocketing. The labour and social justice movements are facing severe repression and are not allowed to organize freely or express their dissatisfaction with the catastrophic situation in Iran. Under such unbearable situation, attacks against Afghan workers are only an attempt to scapegoat a people that had nothing to do with the current crisis in Iran.


We strongly condemn the continued violation of the most basic human rights of Afghans in Iran. We condemn the violent raids on Afghan worker's homes and workplaces by the security forces in Iran. We denounce the prejudiced, intolerant and xenophobic culture perpetuated by the Iranian government against Afghan migrants in Iran. Afghan workers and their families in Iran must have full citizenship rights. We are calling for solidarity of workers' and social justice and human rights' movement in Iran and other parts of the world with Afghan migrants and workers in Iran.


Issued based on a joint statement by International Alliance in Support of Workers in Iran-Canada and Council in Support of People Struggle in Iran-Toronto, Canada


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International Alliance in Support of Workers in Iran (IASWI)

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