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Updates on Reza Shahabi


August 23, 2012      / [email protected]


Reza Shahabi's health worsening


Communiqué number 37 of Reza Shahabi Defence Committee


After his operation, Reza Shahabi’s body developed infections, and his condition is worsening by the day. His amnesty is in indeterminate state.


According to received news, Mr. Reza Shahabi who had gone under major surgery for his neck, and according to doctors’ recommendations was in  need of at least “two months rest at home” ,and “incapable of withstanding any further punishment,” was sent back to Ward 350 of Evin prison on August 14, 2012.


Since then, his physical problems have only worsened. He has developed infections on the spots where surgery was done, his shoulders and right hand are in great, excoriating pain. His physical conditions have deteriorated so much that currently he is much worse shape than he was before his operations. There’s a danger and distinct possibility of major damage to his nerves and spinal cord tissues, because of the growing infections.


Judiciary officials are directly responsible for this situation and worsening of his conditions. These officials have acted exactly opposite to what all physicians had recommended: insisting on Mr. Shahabi’s need for total rest at home, and his incapacity to withstand any further punishment. Instead of following doctors’ advice, they have returned Mr. Shahabi to confinement.


Also, according to his attorney, Mr. Shahabi’s name was on the list of prisoners that were supposed to be pardoned, but that process of being pardoned has been abandoned, without giving him any explanation about his freedom or pardon.


Keeping in mind, Mr. Shahabi’s very alarming physical deterioration, increasing infections in areas where the operation was done, distinct possibility of long tem damage to his nerves and spinal cord tissues, and the continued excoriating pain he is constantly experiencing, Reza Shahabi’s Defense Committee is greatly alarmed, and extremely concerned about his deteriorating health. We hold Judiciary and security officials directly responsible for any consequence resulting from this shameful situation.


Reza Shahabi must be immediately released and quickly treated.


Reza Shahabi Defence Committee. [email protected] /



Translated by IASWI ([email protected])