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Reza Shahabi has decided to continue his hunger strike

but agreed to take liquids


Date: Sunday 12 December 2010


Reza Shahabi, treasurer and member board of director of Tehran bus workers syndicate, has decided on Sunday 12 December 2010 to end his dry hunger strike (not taking either food or liquids), according to a credible report which also been confirmed by the family. The report however states that Shahabi is still determined to continue with the hunger strike, taking only liquids.


Reza Shahabi who is held in section 209 in Notorious Evin prison contacted a source by telephone on the ninth day of his dry hunger strike and while his voice was barely audible, he informed the source that he has decided to end his dry hunger strike but will continue his hunger strike by taking only liquids. His decision is in response to various workers organisations and labour activists both in Iran and internationally, requesting him to end his strike. He also gives his regards and thanked all the workers organisations and activists for their support and solidarity.


Reza Shahabi was rushed to the clinic in Evin on Saturday, December 11, 2010, on his eighth day of dry hunger strike, due to his deteriorating health. By telephone contact today he has said that his interrogators have claimed that his case will be decided by the end of the week. It has also been reported that the judiciary authority confirmed that his case will be investigated not by a court that was previously mentioned but by the Tehran Public prosecution office at Globandac district.


Reza Shahabi was arrested on 12 June 2010 and has been held in Evin prison ever since without being charged. Two months ago, he and his family were informed that he can be released on bail of 60 million Tomans (about 57,000 US Dollars). Later the bail was increased to almost 100,000 US Dollars but no authority has taken responsibility for accepting the bail.


Reza Shahabi went on hunger strike on Saturday 4 December in protest against his long detention in the notorious Evin prison. It has been reported that his health has been significantly deteriorating after the 9th day of his hunger strike.


More updates will be issued when news from reliable sources are received.


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