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Reza Shahabi taken to the court


Shahabi's hunger strike ended as of December 19, 2010


According to the latest news, which has been confirmed by Reza Shahabi’s family in Iran, Reza Shahabi was transferred to the Islamic Revolutionary Court in Tehran (on Revolution Street) in the morning of Sunday, December 19, 2010.


The authorities attempted to put Shahabi on trail under Judge Salavaati and forcing him to accept a duty council. However, Shahabi protested that arrangement and emphasized that his lawyer is Mr. Masoud Shafiee. As a result they could not continue with his trail.


Mr. Shafiee had not been able to access Shahabi’s file or to meet with any judicial authorities about this case until this time. However, he appeared in court on December 19th to verify that he is Shahabi’s legal representative. After that, Mr. Shafiee was given the permission to visit Shahabi in prison at a later time to get his signature in order to access his file. His court date is expected to be scheduled subsequently.  


Reza Shahabi was taken back to the prison the same day. His family and friends saw him in prisoner transport vehicle. According to his family, Reza smiled and waved to them. He seemed to be in good spirit.


According to the same news, Shahabi has announced that because his file has now been activated, and due to numerous calls from the labour movement, he decided to stop his hunger strike as of the evening of Sunday, December 19, 2010; however, he has reportedly said he would resume his hunger strike if the authorities decide to create obstacles by refusing his release. Reza has thanked and sent his warmest regards to all those who supported him.


As the result of six months of incarceration and emotional and physical pressures, Shahabi is not in a good health conditions. He suffers from tooth ache; back and should pain, Arthritis in his left hand as well as stomach problems.


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