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Reza Rakhshan shall be released!

According to a statement by Haft Tapeh Sugar Cane Workers' Syndicate, Reza Rakhshan, chairperson of this autonomous workers organization, who had been sentenced to six months of imprisonment , based on the phony charges of spreading false information and “distressing public” opinion, on Monday January 3rd was called to attend Shosh District Attorney office and from there was led to Dezful's Fajr prison.

The endeavor to free Reza Rakhshan and all other incarcerated labour activists in Iran, to disappoint Islamic Republic in its machinations to spread fear amongst workers and separate labour activists from ordinary workers shall vigorously be continued.

IASWI strongly condemns all charges against Reza Rakhshan and his incarceration. We ask all labour activists and workers', human rights and progressive organizations to assist in securing freedom for Reza Rakhshan and all other labour activists in Iran.


International Alliance in Support of Workers in Iran

Monday January 3, 2011





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