On the passing of our beloved comrade Yadullah Khosroshahi


Most regretfully, today, Thursday February 4, 2010 comrade Yadullah Khosroshahi passed away. Yadullah had a brain stroke on 2nd of February. While hospitalized his condition began to deteriorate. After conducting tests on him, specialists told his family members and friends attending to his bedside that he had a second stroke. Comrade Yadullah passed away this morning at 5:00 am in London, UK.


Yadullah Khosroshahi was one of the most renowned Iranian labour activists and leaders, a toiler of Iranian labour movement who spent many years incarcerated in jails of both Monarchy and Islamic Republic. He was an elected representative of Oil Workers; a former Secretary of Syndicate of Tehran Refinery Workers and former representative of All-Iran Council of Oil Workers. After suppression of workers’ councils and workers’ autonomous organizations by Islamic Republic, and spending years incarcerated, he was forced to leave Iran. He remained an indefatigable advocate of Iranian labour movement to his last breath.  Yadullah was an enormously active colleague and representative of the IASWI since its formation more than 10 years ago. He was a tireless worker and labour activist who never stopped fighting for the self-emancipation of the working class.


Yadullah’s loving memory will always be with us; he will be greatly missed by all friends, family members, labour activists and all of those whose lives were touched by him.  


International Alliance in Support of Workers in Iran (IASWI) – February 4, 2010

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