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   April 30, 2011


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A report on “the fifth general assembly of

The Coordinating Committee to Help Form Workers’ Organizations


The fifth general assembly of the Coordinating Committee to Help Form Workers’ Organizations was carried out in April, 2011. First of all, the participants selected new executive committee and afterward a few subjects were chosen for debating in that meeting.  

The participators addressed the following issues:

1-      The former executive committee’s report

2-      Report of the inspectors of the fourth general assembly

3-      Report of the director of financial affairs

4-     Amendments to the constitution

5-      Elections

6-      Adopted decisions



Here are highlights of the executive committee’s report to annual general assembly of the coordinating committee to help form workers’ organizations


“Dear coordinating committee’s members, friends and honorable guests!


…. Today, we’re seeing this reality that the capitalist system has been facing a severe economic, political and social crisis. Today, unemployment, poverty, addiction, corruption, terrorism, war, petrifaction, injustice, and more disasters have been expended around the world. That which is too clear, the capitalist states never can solve these problems of the human societies or change this difficult condition because all of them are heedless and incapable.


The executive committee’ report also declares: “We support oppressed people of the North Africa and the Middle East. We defend struggles and uprisings of the working class and the oppressed of the region.”    


The executive committee’ report emphasizes that when the coordinating committee to help form workers’ organization entered a new term of its activities, all of us saw that the Iranian labor movement was still fighting against capitalists and their defenders to goal of reaching its demands. In this period, we saw how the Iranian labors’ strikes and protests were met the government’s attacks, and how many of labor activists were arrested and persecuted by the ruling capitalist establishment. As well, we saw that a number of the coordinating committee’s members were prosecuted and put in jail in the past months.


From the beginning, the coordinating committee’s plan of practice was emphasized on inserted aims of the constitution. The Coordinating Committee paid more attention on its activities for forming workers’ organizations and ensuring that labour organizing becomes a priority of all members of the coordinating Committee. For this reason, is operations and activities were on the basis of the coordinating committee’s main focus inside the Iranian labor movement.”


The coordinating committee has done the following activities in the past two years:

1-           Active involvement and disseminating information on labour actions and protests.


2-           Reporting on arrests and imprisonment of labour activists


3-           Active involvement in the fundraising campaigns in support of arrested the imprisoned members of Haft Tapeh Workers’ Syndicate.


4-           Organizing outings in support of jailed workers, which unfortunately ended up with the arrests of a number of participants but raised solidarity Morale.


5-      Participating at the international labour day of the 2010, and issuing a joint statement with other independent labour formations.

6-      Issuing many statements and position papers on various issues affecting working class, including wages and wage arrears, subsidies, solidarity and so on.


7-      The coordinating committee has been refocusing its websites on key workers’ issues and struggles.

8-      In this period, we have been trying to increase knowledge of this committee’s members about its goal and objectives as an independent open organization.

9-      According to the fourth general assembly’s decision, we asked the ministry of labor to register the coordinating committee. This request was failed, and we wrote a protest letter to the Ministry and filed a complaint with the ILO.   

10- The coordinating committee issued a statement for the international woman day in March 2011 which was used by its members as a frame of reference in their related activities.




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