Call To Action

Protest Against Islamic Republic of Iran

Thursday June 9, 2011

In front of International Labor Organization (ILO)


To the freedom lovers, social justice and political activists, supporters and members of labor movement:

As you are aware the ILO, proceeds its annual meeting in Geneva this June.  At these meetings relations and implementation of labor laws in different countries are being discussed and argued amongst representatives of governments, employers and labors. Given today's world situation, often the rights of workers are trampled, and as usual the oppressed and workers of Iran have no voice to convey their side at these summits.  The anti-worker and anti-people Islamic Republic of Iran as usual herds its own handpicked representatives to these summits and shamelessly walls off all protests and accusations of ongoing abuses of employees and workers, whit outmost disregards of compliance with protocols of The International Labor Organization with farce and false promises. The Islamic Republic of Iran needs the approval of ILO to join the World Trade Organization (in order to get in to the free!!! global market to gain more profit for the distinguished!!! merchants and greater theft of peoples wealth).


The denunciation by oppressed and workers of Iran, the exposing letters of protests by independent representatives of Iranian labor organizations who have been brutally repressed by the regime and are either in prison or in exile, the solidarity of international unions with Iranian workers, sustained protests by Iranian labor, political and social activists abroad have been able to expose the oppressive, predatory and the inhumane government of the Islamic Republic and have been very effective to keep this regime away from achieving its inhumane goals; these protests must continue.


The 2011, the centennial meeting of ILO will be held in Geneva, in June.  The French syndicates have taken a progressive and internationalist solidarity action in support of labor (movement), the unity of action in France by The collective in solidarity with workers of North Africa (Tunisia, and Egypt, Morocco) and the Middle East ". This collective has issued a call to all political, labor and social activists to participate on June 9th in solidarity with the workers and oppressed of (toilers) of Iran. We warmly welcome this call and in our part have acquired necessary permits for this gathering.


Hereby we invite all parties, organizations, groups, and labor activists to participate in this demonstration on June 9th, 2011


Down with world capitalism!

Down with capitalist Islamic Republic of Iran!

Victory to the workers and toilers (oppressed) of Iran in their struggle to achieve freedom and social Justice!

Long Live International Solidarity for Justice, Peace and Freedom!


International Alliance in Support of Workers of Iran- Switzerland Division


When: Thursday June 9, 2011 from 11 am till 4 pm

Location: Place des Nations

1202 Geneva- Switzerland


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