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CUPE Ontario adopted a strong resolution in solidarity with workers in Iran


Delegates at the 49th Annual CUPE Ontario Convention, May 23-26, 2012 adopted resolution 21 in solidarity with workers in Iran. This is an important resolution that will hopefully help strengthen worker-to-worker solidarity amongst the Canadian and Iranian labour movements. International Alliance in Support o Workers in Iran supports this resolution and expresses its gratitude to our friends and comrades in the CUPE for adopting the resolution. We are ready and prepared to provide any necessary information and support to further the objectives of this resolution.


Resolution No. 21

Submitted by Local 4400 and International Solidarity Committee


CUPE Ontario will:

·       Condemn the persecution of labour activists in Iran by the Iranian government and support the right of Iranian workers to freely establish independent workers’ organizations.

·        Work with independent labour organizations in Iran to strengthen worker-to-worker solidarity, as part of the world-wide struggle against the capitalist and neoliberal agenda.

·        Take a clear stand against economic sanctions and any attempts by the U.S. and its allies, including Canada, to pursue military interventions against Iran.



·        The government's anti-worker and repressive policies have consistently been violently imposed on workers in Iran.

·       Iranian workers have no right to organize or strike and often face persecution, arrests and imprisonment.

·       Economic sanctions and military intervention against Iran will be disastrous and unacceptable under any pretext and its main victims are surely the working and ordinary people of Iran.

·        The US and its allies' drive to wage war against Iran has been a pretext for increased attacks on workers’ and human rights by both sides of the current dispute.


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