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5 Khatoon Abad Copper mine workers were released on bail – 23 workers still in custody

 ·         5 Khatoon Abad Copper mine workers were released on bail

 ·         23 workers still in custody

 ·         IndustriALL Global Union calls for the prompt and unconditional release of arrested workers

 ·         Please continue to send your protest letters

February 9, 2016 – According to the latest confirmed news from Iran, 5 of the 28 arrested workers of Khatoon Abad Copper Mines were released on February 8, 2015 each on 50 million tomans bail. This means they will almost certainly face charges at a later time.  These workers were in custody for thirteenth days (since January 26, 2016) in the Shahr-e Babak Prison (City of Babak in Kerman Province). They met with judicial authorities during this time but their charges have not been verified. There are currently no updates on the status of the remaining 23 detained workers. According to the most recent news, judicial authorities are particularly targeting eight of these workers and they may charge them with serious offences.

There have been international campaigns and actions against the arrest and persecution these copper workers.

IndustriALL Global Union, which represents more than 50 million workers in mining, energy and manufacturing industries in some 140 countries, has called on the government of Iran to immediately release 28 workers arrested. See:

IndustriALL’s General Secretary, Jyrki Raina, in a protest letter to Hassan Rouhani, President of the Islamic Republic of Iran, dated February 2, 2016, wrote: “IndustriALL Global Union urges your administration to help secure the prompt and unconditional release of the 28 workers. Furthermore, we call on you to instruct the National Iranian (Copper) Industries Company, which owns the Khatoon Abad Copper Mines, to reinstate the 170 contract workers, who were recently dismissed.”

“It is also imperative that the National Iranian (Copper) Industries Company grant the contract workers their promised permanent positions. Workers should not be subject to precarious working conditions. Therefore, we call on the Government of Iran to enforce fundamental labour rights at the company…. In this regard, IndustriALL Global Unions urges the Government of Iran to ratify ILO Convention 87 on Freedom of Association and Protection of the Right to Organize, and ILO Convention 98 on the Right to Organize and Collective Bargaining, said Mr. Raina to the President of the Islamic Republic of Iran. 

Moreover, in an appeal by a number of veteran Iranian labour leaders who have been in exile, workers’ organizations internationally have been urged to do whatever it takes to help secure the immediate and unconditional freedom of these workers. See below.

Asia Australia Workers Link, among others, also reported on the arrest of these workers. See:

More updates will be issued in coming days.

PLEASE SEND protest letters demanding the immediate release of all arrested workers, directly to:

·       Leader of the Islamic Republic
Ayatollah Sayed ‘Ali Khamenei
Twitter: @khamenei_ir (English) or @Khamenei_fa (Persian)
Email: [email protected]

·       President of the Islamic Republic of Iran
Hassan Rouhani
Email: [email protected]
Twitter: @HassanRouhani (English) and
@Rouhani_ir (Persian)

·       The Judiciary of the Islamic Republic of Iran – High Council of Human Rights

[email protected]

·       Permanent Mission of the Islamic Republic of Iran to the United Nations

Email: [email protected]

Cc: [email protected] 

International Alliance in support of workers in Iran (IASWI)
February 09, 2016



An Appeal:*


 Unite for an immediate act to release the jailed workers of the Khatoon Abad copper mine in Iran

To: all egalitarian human beings and the freedom and equity seeking individuals 

To: all members & the representatives of trade unions across the world

To: all egalitarian, progressive parties and organizations supporting the workers’ rights

We are a group of the former labor organizations’ representatives in Iran, and the present labor activists abroad, that our aim is to defend and to support the labor movement in Iran. We are asking you all to sign this petition in solidarity with the Iranian jailed workers.

 *see the latest updates on arrested workers above

The Petition

The detained workers and the labor activists of the Khatoon Abad in shahr e Babak copper mines must be released immediately.

From Tuesday, January 26, 2016, until now, the 28 protesting workers of the Khatoon Abad Copper Mine have been in detention/custody. According to the available reports, and the statements by some of the detained workers’ lawyers, so far, no action has been taken by the authorities, for the release of these workers, and they are still in custody.

The workers have been working for 4 years with the lowest wage, for the subsidiary copper mine company, hoping to be employed by the refinery’s project. Mr. Saad Mohammadi, the former CEO of the copper company, at the beginning of the project, promised to employ all of these workers, but last year, the copper complex for the required labour force of this company, were ordered to take a recruitment exam. The workers with the knowledge that the recruitment exam could seriously jeopardise their job security, along with their families, have protested repeatedly and gathered with the uncertainty of guaranteed job security, for the past year.

Despite the initial promise from the authorities, to guarantee their job security, the 170 workers of the subsidiary copper Mine Company of the Khatoon Abad in Shahr e Babak, were laid off. Following this deception by the government’s employer, the workers, along with their families started their widespread protests. The suppressive police and the security forces of the Islamic regime, attacked the workers, beat them, and arrested 28 of the protesting workers, who are still in custody now.

In this industrial area, the repression and the denial of the workers, has a long history:

The workers in the Khatoon Abad copper Mine complex, have been faced with the fundamental dilemma/basic problems of the very hard work and uncertain job security, and their rightful demands, either have been suppressed violently, or have been unanswered by the various promises of the management of the complex, and the Government’s authorities.

The Iranian and the world’s workers remember that following the layoff of 200 workers of the Khatoon Abad Copper Mine complex of the Babak Shahr in January 2004, the dismissed workers, with their families, started their protests & sit ins. The workers, after this protesting move, which did not achieve a positive conclusion, closed the Khatoon Abad’s road to the Shahr e Babk. At this time the oppressive forces of the Islamic regime arrived with the use of a helicopter, attacked, injured, and dispersed the workers. The workers continued their protest in front of the Babak’s City Government. The suppressive regime forces shot at the workers this time, killing four workers, and one child. The killing news of the Khatoon Abad workers by the capitalist Islamic regime was published immediately across the world, and a global campaign in condemning this regime’s crime was launched.

We strongly condemn the dismissal of the 170 workers of the Khatoon Abad copper Mine Company, repression of the protesting workers, and the arrest of 28 workers of this company. We demand the immediate and unconditional release of all the imprisoned workers, and the labour activists.


If you are interested to sign this petition and your name be published, please contact us by the following emails:

Ali Pichgah

Former representative of the Tehran refinery council

[email protected] 

Morteza Afshari

Former representative of the Tehran printing workers

[email protected] 

Ali Mobaraki

Former representative of the Abadan Project Syndicate 

[email protected] 


The names of the individual supporters of this appeal:

Ali Pichgah

Ali Mobaraki

Arash Kamangar

Akbar Seyf – Paris

Ali Reza Navai

Ahmad Bekhradtab

Ali Goushe

Araz Fani

Akbar Karimian

Amir Payam

Ahmad Mashouf

Amador Navidi

Akbar Deylami

Ayoub Rahmani

Amin Bayat

Abas Ghorbani

Aziz Momoli 

Ali Ashrafi

Ali Jusefi

Ahmad Reza Moayed Mohseni

Amir Javaheri Langeroudi

Ardeshir Nasrolah Beygi

Asgar Shirinbolaghi

Azar Azari

Ahmad Rafat

Atefeh Eghbal

Ahmad Mazarei

Arash Kamangar

Almas Farzi

Ali Karimzadeh

Anahita Ardavan

Aydin Fani

Ahmad Mazaheri

Aziz Maleki

Ali Nadimi

Ahmad Sahand

Bina Darabzand 

Bahman Amini

Behnam Changai

Bahram Rahmani

Behrooz Sooren

Bijan Rastegar

Babak Ejlali

Bahman Yousefi

Bahman Khodadadi

Darjoush Majlesi

Darjoush Arjomand

Daryoush Parsian

Ehsan Sabet

Elaheh Shokrai

Esmail Moloudi

Elsa Fani

Esmail Fatahi

Eskandar Lotfi

Elmira Fani

Farokh Ghahremani

Farah Notash

Farhang Ghasemi

Forouzan Ameli

Farshid Jasai

Fatemeh Rezai

Faramarz Dadvar

Farid Partovi

Fariba Marzban

Gholam Asgari

Gisoo Shakeri

Hamila Nisgili

Hedayat Gholami

Hayedeh Ghahremani


Hossein Naghipour

Hayedeh Gharemani

Hamid Riahi

Homayoun Mehmanesh

Hedayat Gholami

Isa Baziar

Isan Miran

Jousof Ardalan

Jamshid Mehr

Jaleh Sahand

Jousef Ardalan

Jamshid Jamshidi

Jamshid Safapour

Jamil Khanchezar 

Khosro Ahangar

Khosro Shahriari

Kourosh Aftasi

Morteza Afshari

Mohamad Ashrafi

Mozafar Falahi

Mina Zarin

Maryam Zia

Manijeh Sadeghi

Mansour Tifouri

Mohsen Khoshbin

Masoud Forouzesh Rad

Mohamad Taghi Jousefi

Minoo Homeyli

Mohsen Rezvani

Maryam Ashrafi

Mahmoud Ghazvini

Majid Tamjidi

Mahmoud Khademi

Mohamad Taghi Seydahmadi

Manouchehr Valai

Mohamad Baran

Maghsoud Kasebi

Majid Moshayedi

Mohamad Beheshti

Mohamad Khoshaman

Majid Mousavi Bidar

Nader Sani

Neda Noavar

Nasrin Ahmadi

Nasan Ansari

Naser Parnian

Nosrat Teymourzadeh

Nahid Farhad

Parviz Ghelichkhani

Pouran Asadi

Parisa Abidi

Pirouz Zourchang

Parvin Riahi

Parviz Mirmokri

Parviz Jahan

Pouran Asadi

Parviz Davarpanah

Reza Kabi

Roja Roshan

Rahim Askhari

Raouf Kabi

Reza Bishetab

Reza Ebrahimi

Sedigh Jahani

Siamak Jahanbakhsh

Sedigh Esmaili

Salam Ziji

Soraya Fatahi

Satar Rahmani

Sousan Shahbazi

Salah Irandoust

Sahar Mohamadi

Said Taghavi

Sasan Danesh

Sahar Dinarvand

Siamak Moayedzadeh

Siavosh Abghari

Sharareh Rezai

Shapour Mori

Shapour Gooya 

Zohreh Habib Mohamadi


The above appeal also was supported by the following organizations:

Council in Solidarity with the Workers’ Movements  Paris

International Alliance in Support of Workers in Iran

The revolutionary party logistics  the first step

Committee for Union and communist left-wing forces in the Netherlands

Iranian Workers’ Solidarity Association Gothenburg

Cultural Center  Social Thought – Gothenburg

Info Iran  Vienna

Iran anarchist workers


Signed by sites and weblogs:

Etehad Kargari


International Alliance in Support of Workers in Iran

Radio Payam – Canada


Ehteram Azadi

Etelaat Net

Iran Triboun

Ofogh Roshan

Estrak Woredpress


Esmail Moloudi

Reza Bishetab

Mina Zarin

Mahmoud Khademi

Moalem Etesabi



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