Day: October 23, 2019

IndustriALL demands release of 21 workers in Iran

Azarab workers, who have been on strike since 6 October, were viciously beaten in an attack by riot police on 20 October. Several people were injured and taken to hospital but have reportedly discharged themselves for fear of being arrested….

Cali Agreement: A Renewed Commitment to Inclusive Education : Education International

The International Forum on Inclusion and Equity in Education held in Cali, Colombia, late last September highlighted the continuing barriers to inclusive and equitable education for all. From 11 to 13 September, the International Forum on Inclusion and Equity in…

Haiti: reopening schools despite the dire situation is essential : Education International

While Haiti’s political, economic and social situation has been deteriorating for months, recent weeks have been truly terrible, to the point that schools are now closed – a dramatic development given that without education, there can be no national development….

educators join nationwide protests calling for political and economic change

Education unions have expressed their support for the legitimate demands of hundreds of thousands of citizens calling for radical change in a political system accused of corruption, confessionalism and clientelism, and an end to the endless economic crisis plaguing Lebanon….