July 11, 2019

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    Court of appeal decision threatens right to strike in Belgium

    Bruno Verlaeckt, president of the Antwerp branch of IndustriALL Global Union’s Belgian affiliate, La Centrale Générale – ABVV-FGTB, was found guilty of “malicious obstruction of traffic” after his union blocked roads to the port of Antwerp in a protest in 2016. The strikers were confronted by police who bre up the demonstration and arrested union […] More

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    Court confirms #TheCargill14 were fired for forming a union

    A local Turkish court determined on July 10, 2019 that workers at Cargill’s Bursa-Orhangazi factory were dismissed in April 2018 solely as a consequence of their union activity. The expert report, which informed the court’s decision, confirmed that the company’s justifications for dismissal were groundless. The workers were fired because they had joined Tekgida-Is. Despite […] More

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    Victory at ExxonMobil in Australia after two-year picket

    The David versus Goliath victory against the world’s sixth biggest company, ExxonMobil, by workers who refused to give in, has had a nation-wide impact. The union campaign exposed billions of dollars of tax evasion by the energy giant and played a major role in pressuring the government to increase taxation on resource companies. It will […] More