Day: July 1, 2019

Argentina – historical march to victory in Glencore mine

Workers from IndustriALL affiliate Asociación Obrera Minera Argentina (AOMA) stopped work at the El Aguilar mine for a week. They also organized a 270 kilometre long march. The union demanded that authorities put pressure on Glencore into meeting the demands,…

states acknowledge the need for better copyright laws for education and research

Education International affiliates have successfully advocated for a better copyright framework for education during a recent seminar in Nairobi. The second seminar in a series of regional workshops organised by the World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO) took place in Nairobi…

Kazakh trade union leader faces 8 years in jail

The move comes just a week after Kazakhstan came under scrutiny for its poor record on trade union rights at the International Labour Conference. Baltabay is on trial for the misappropriation of approximately US$28,000 of union dues. Baltabay says the…

Albania: from union congress resolution to new law

In June, the Albanian government passed a new law on “supplementary financial treatment of workers who have worked in underground mines as well as workers of the oil, gas and metallurgical industry”, effectively turning the congress resolution into national law….