Day: March 1, 2019

education union and activists will make the 2019 federal election the ‘education election’

At their Federal conference, Australian Education Union’ leaders and activists welcomed the commitment made by the Labour party to greatly increase funding for public education, and reaffirmed their determination to ensure that the upcoming federal election focus on education issues….

Training advances collective bargaining skills in Ethiopia

01.03.2019 Collective bargaining is one of the critical skills for Ethiopian trade unions in the chemical, energy, and mining sectors, and the unions are equipping shop stewards through training on what strategies to use when they engage employers. The National…

600 Burkinabe mineworkers who lost jobs after mine closure demand fair compensation

The mine closure put 1,000 workers out of employment, including contract workers. SMB is a private mining company which was sold to Avocet Mining, listed on the London Stock Exchange. Avocet then sold the company to the Balaji Group. The…