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Lacy BW

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It Is Not Just!

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Daily Wage Worker- Street Portrait

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Bill C-58 keeps public in the dark about privatization

Key details about privatization projects will remain secret under the Liberal government’s proposed Access to Information changes. CUPE researcher Robert Ramsay presented our union’s concerns to the House of Commons committee studying Bill C-58. Bill C-58 is legislation amending the existing…

IndustriALL sets strategies for Industry 4.0

The conference heard from a broad section of IndustriALL affiliates on how Industry 4.0 and digitalization is impacting affiliates in different countries and sectors, and set an action plan to tackle the challenges ahead.    “Industrial change is not new…

Mahmoud Salehi arrested and re-imprisoned for one more year

Mahmoud Salehi arrested and re-imprisoned for one more year About noon on Saturday, October 28, 2017, Mahmoud Salehi, a prominent activist of the Iranian Labour Movement, was arrested by four plainclothes security forces immediately after his kidney dialysis in a…

Francophone education unions assemble to improve the teaching profession

After meeting in Dakar, the Board of the Comité Syndical Francophone pour l’Education et la Formation committed to promoting quality public education accessible to all, as well as increase vibrant and respected teacher trade unionism. The privatisation and commodification of…

ILO to adopt a new code of practice on safety in opencast mines

In a meeting in Geneva, Switzerland, from 16 to 20 October, experts in opencast mining from the workers’ group, the governments’ group and the employers’ group were able to reach consensus on the new code of practice which will be…

Turkish human rights defenders still facing charges

This week, after a marathon court hearing, a court ordered the release on bail of eight human rights activists. These activists had been arrested with a number of other people in the last few months following their attendance at a…

Imprisoned Korean leader receives another award

The imprisoned president of the Korean Confederation of Trade Unions (KCTU), Han Sang-gyun, was recently awarded the George Meany-Lane Kirkland Human Rights Award by the North American union organisation AFL-CIO. President Han has been imprisoned in South Korea since December…

Car worker dies in southern India

This week, a 51 year old car worker named Francis, died at work from the harassment and victimisation he had recently received from the Pricol company management. The Pricol car component manufacturing factory is located in southern India in Coimbatore,…

Workers massacred in factory explosion

A few days ago on Thursday October 26, an explosion ripped apart a firework factory in Kosambi, Tangerang, Banten in East Java, Indonesia. The explosion and the subsequent fire killed at least 47 workers and injured many more. The explosion…

Samsung engineers workplaces for further overwork

The global electronics giant Samsung opened a new semiconductor fabrication line in Pyeongtaek, South Korea earlier this year. Even in this short time, there have been two workers who have killed themselves as a direct result of the punishing and…

Global Day of Action against trade union repression

All around the world workers are prevented from organising by capitalists and governments. We face fines, dismissals, beatings, rapes and even murder. By keeping us unorganised, they can pay us less, make us work harder, and make greater profits. By…

Ongoing crises spur more internal turmoil

The civil conflicts that began in West Asia and North Africa in 2011 continue to create internal conflicts as the various players are unable to resolve the economic and political crises in these countries. In Yemen, amid a brutal war…


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Silicon worker

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Worker No3

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Paysan du Mali

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493 – The Carpet Worker

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Wood Worker

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Sune – Proud worker

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Day labor

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Portrait – Worker

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Brick factory worker

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Tea worker

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Worker Portrait

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