Month: May 2014

Demand Release of Imprisoned Workers Activists in Iran

Brutal suppression of workers and other social moments such as students’ and women’s movements is carried on by the Islamic regime in order to maintain its power. Capitalism under an Islamic Regime has demonstrated one of its most barbaric and…

Neoliberalism in IRI: a brief history From Rafsanjani (1989) to Rouhani (2014); a continuum

IMF in its March 2014 report on Iran has advocated exact same policies for Iranian economy, which are in complete agreement with the direction of Rouhani’s administration economic goals and agenda. Rouhani’s economic priorities and his implementation of the “Second…

The second phase of subsidies elimination: What will that mean for the working class?

the question is whether people in Iran, particularly the most disadvantaged section of the working classes and the poor would be able to endure such sufferings any more. Iran moving towards revolts or not?

Labor activists arrested on International Workers’ Day

Bus workers and other labour activists in Tehran, Mechanical Steel workers in a suburb of Tehran and a group of independent labor activists in Sanandaj were targets of state repression, and were arrested on May1st and the night before May…