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  • Justice for Shahrokh Zamani

    Join the international condemnation of Shahrokh Zamani’s death and also call for the unconditional release of all labour activists and political prisoners in Iran and recognition of workers to have the right to organize freely without fear of persecution.

  • A new round of intimidation, arrests and prosecution of teachers in Iran

    The Islamic Republic of Iran has started this new wave of arrests and persecution of teachers and education activists in Iran despite national and international condemnation and cries for the release of all arrested teachers. The resumption of persecution of teachers aims to create a climate of fear and intimidation prior to the opening of schools in Iran in Mehr 1st 1394 (September 23, 2015).

  • Joint May Day Resolution of Independent Iranian Workers’ Organizations

    Today, we have come together in solidarity at a time when a large and united movement of workers, teachers, nurses and other toiling masses in Iran is in the process of formation around the issue of subsistence and ending poverty and squalor.

  • Forum and Discussion- Crisis in the Labour Movement: Is Labour Renewal Possible?

  • Another wave of arrests and repression of labour activists in Iran prior to May Day

    we strongly condemn the unjust persecution and sentences against these labour activists. we also denounce ongoing persecution and arrests of labour activists in Iran including the repression of May Day organizing efforts. we demand the immediate and unconditional freedom of all labour activists in Iran.

  • Lessons from Mineworkers’ Strike in Bafgh

    Many other labour activists across the country are being persecuted and arrested and facing legal battles and have been charged with various sham charges.

  • Updates on Reza Shahabi!

    Thanks to national and international campaigns The authorities of the Islamic Republic of Iran were pressured to release Reza Shahabi in fall 2014; however, he was released for medical reasons thus has not fully discharged. Reza Shahabi is now at home with his family while under medical supervision as well. We continue to demand the unconditional freedom of Reza Shahabi and the withdrawal of all the remaining charges against him and his right to return to his work and compensated for years of mistreatment and financial hardships.

  • The second phase of subsidies elimination: What will that mean for the working class?

    The question is whether people in Iran, particularly the most disadvantaged section of the working classes and the poor would be able to endure such sufferings any more. Iran moving towards revolts or not?

  • Neoliberalism in IRI: a brief history From Rafsanjani (1989) to Rouhani (2014); a continuum

    Rouhani’s economic priorities and his implementation of the “Second Phase of Subsidies Elimination” are early indication that in term of pursuing aggressive neoliberal policies, he will prove to be the most neoliberal administration yet.

Child labour- In 2006, out of 13,253,000 children between 10 to 18 years old, 3.6 million were outside school systems. Out of these 3.6 million children, about 1.66 million were involved in some sorts of paid or unpaid employment. There are other reports showing children younger than 10  also involved in child labour.


International Daily Briefing


Free Reza Shahabi Now; Time to increase pressures for freedom of all jailed labour activists in Iran

We are highlighting the challenges relating to the total disregard of the plight of jailed labour activists in Iran and the continued harassment of labour activists both in jail and outside the prison system. In particular, we are calling on all labour and progressive human rights' organizations and activists to increase pressures on the Islamic Republic of Iran (IRI) for the freedom of imprisoned labour activists. No labour activists have been released in recent months despites the IRI's public relations stunt and selective release of a few political prisoners in recent weeks. All political prisoners must be released immediately. Please take a moment to call for an immediate freedom of Reza Shahabi, Shahrokh Zamani, Mohammad Jarahi, Behhnam Ebrahimzadeh, Pedram Nasrollahi, Rasoul Bodaghi and other imprisoned labour activists in Iran.


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